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Manicure Program

600 Clock Hours
Achieve your full potential in modern manicuring. Gain the knowledge and skills to become a licensed manicurist through demonstrations, hands-on practice and classroom study. No previous experience required.

(18 weeks / 4 months for full-time students)
(30 weeks / 8 months for part-time students)

Orientation – 15 Clock Hours
Introduces the manicuring curriculum.

Equipment, Implements and Supplies – 15 Clock Hours
Explains how to use manicuring tools and supplies

Procedures – 320Clock Hours
Explains manicure, pedicure, hand and arm massage, paraffin dip, artificial nails, acrylics, tips, wraps, gels and nail art.

Bacteriology, Sanitation and Safety – 100 Clock Hours
Covers client protection, sanitation and working safely with salon chemicals.

Professional Practices – 80 Clock Hours
Discusses manicuring as a career, salon procedures and management, salesmanship, public relations, professional ethics, attitudes and grooming.

Anatomy of Hands and Arms – 70 Clock Hours
Focuses on the structure and function of bones, muscles and nerves in the hand and arm and the composition,  structure, conditions and diseases of skin and nails.

Total – 600 Clock Hours
A clock hour equals 60 minutes.

Tools Provided

• Student kit with top-of-the-line OPI implements including clippers, pushers, nippers, files, brushes, polish, nail tips, acrylics, practice hand, rolling case and locking cabinet.
• Salon Fundamentals Textbooks
• Uniform smock

Program Phases

The manicure program is divided in 2 phases. Each phase includes theory, projects and practicals designed to enhance and complete your learning experience.

In Phase 1, you learn the fundamentals of nail services and sanitation. Students pass the Phase 1 practical exam to begin the second phase. (Weeks 1-4 full-time students)

In Phase 2, you begin to work on clients under supervision and support of an instructor. You advance into the latest trends and techniques, building confidence and developing your professional abilities. Students pass a mock State board practical exam to be eligible for graduation.