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Esthetics Program

Gain the knowledge and skills to become a licensed esthetician through demonstrations, hands-on practice and classroom study. No previous experience required.

750 Clock Hours
(23 weeks / 5 months for full-time students)
(38 weeks / 10 months for part-time students)

Orientation – 30 Clock Hours
Introduces the skin care curriculum.

Facial Treatment, cleansing, Masking, Therapy – 225 Clock Hours
Explains procedures to cleanse, tone and treat the skin through facials, massage, body wraps, microdermabrasion and reflexology.

Anatomy and Physiology – 90 Clock Hours
Covers the structure and function of skin, bones, muscles and nerves in the face and upper body.

Electricity, Machines and related Equipment – 75 Clock Hours
Focuses on applying galvanic, high frequency, faradic and sinusoidal electric currents in skin care treatment to improve skin and muscle tone.

Makeup – 75 Clock Hours
Combines color theory, facial shape and features in  techniques for day, evening and formal makeup.

Chemistry – 50 Clock Hours
Explains the functions and properties of skin and the effect of skin care products and treatments.

Client Care – 50 Clock Hours
Focuses on interpersonal and consultation services to build lasting relationships with clients

Sanitation, Safety and First Aid – 40 Clock Hours
Covers infection control and safety procedures

Management – 35 Clock Hours
Discusses the business side of a skin care center.

Hair Removal – 25 Clock Hours
Explains waxing procedures to remove hair from brows, lip, chin, bikini, underarm and legs.

Aroma Therapy – 15 Clock Hours
Covers the application and benefit of essential oils in skin care.

Nutrition – 10 Clock Hours

Color Psychology – 10 Clock Hours

Total – 750 Clock Hours
A clock hour equals 60 minutes.

Tools Provided

• Student kit with makeup, applicators, implements, rolling tote bag, etc. (Detailed list available upon request.)
• Salon Fundamentals Textbooks
• Uniform jacket

Program Phases

In the two phases of the esthetics program, learn the how’s and why’s of skin care from demonstrations by licensed professionals, hands-on experience, classroom theory, self-paced projects and practical applications.

In Phase 1, learn the fundamentals of skin care including facial treatments, makeup application, hair removal and electrotherapy. Pass the Phase 1 practical exam to begin the advanced phase. (Weeks 1-3 for full-time students)

In Phase 2, perform skin services on clients with the supervision and support of an instructor. Develop professional techniques and client care skills as you advance through the program. Assist clients with booking and paying for services at the reception center and administer professional products and supplies in the dispensary. Pass written and practical exams to be eligible for graduation. (Weeks 4-19 for full-time students)